A Gun Control Witches Brew in the Land of Enchantment

If New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham gets her way, 30 days from now the ability of New Mexicans to keep and bear arms will be in tatters. That’s the warning from the New Mexico Shooting Sports Association and Zack Fort, the group’s treasurer. Fort joined me on today’s Bearing Arms Cam & Co to go over some of the items on Grisham’s anti-gun wish list for lawmakers, which she’s hoping to sign into law at the end of this year’s 30-day session.


As Fort explains, the short session is meant for lawmakers to craft a budget, and typically doesn’t include many unrelated bills. This time around, however, Grisham is trying to convince lawmakers to adopt a lengthy list of new restrictions on gun owners. Some of the bills that have already been introduced include a sweeping semi-auto ban and a 14-business day waiting period on all gun transfers, and Fort says more bills are on the way, including legislation that would create a plethora of new “gun-free zones” in the state.

“She’s talking about a ban on semi-automatic rifles, she’s talking about a bill to make it illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to possess a firearm, talking about bills to put taxes on guns and ammunition, talking about bills to basically do what California did and create a lot of quote-unquote sensitive places and undo the Bruen decision in New Mexico,” Fort said, adding that Grisham couldn’t do that through an executive order because the courts stopped her, so now she’s trying to see if she can do something legislatively.

Fort says there’s no guarantee that Grisham will get her wish, but gun owners need to be engaged and involved with their representatives and state senators. Many of the items on Grisham’s gun control to-do list were also priorities for her last year, but the Democratic majority didn’t advance things like her gun ban or waiting period bills. We could see a similar outcome this year, but lawmakers need to know that there are far more constituents opposed to these infringements than there are who agree with the governor.


I have no doubt that any legislation that does get signed into law will be challenged in court, but it’s always better to defeat a bad bill than to try to overturn a terrible law. Things will be moving quickly over the next few weeks, but Fort says gun owners can stay up-to-date on committee hearings, amendments to existing bills, opportunities to testify, and the status of bills by signing up for the organization’s email alerts at NMSSA.org.

“The New Mexico Shooting Sports Association has somebody watching and participating in every single committee meeting when there is a gun control bill being brought up. We’re constantly watching the legislature’s website, we’re constantly talking to people in Santa Fe; legislators, lobbyists, and so on and so forth. So we’re often going to be putting out information in real-time through those email alerts, which are totally free,” Fort tells Bearing Arms.

Those alerts are a big help for reporters like me, but they’re absolutely invaluable for Second Amendment activists in New Mexico, especially with some of these bills likely to move at breakneck speed.

We’ll be speaking with Zach Fort throughout the 30-day session, but I encourage you to check out today’s conversation in its entirety in the video window below. The threat to the Second Amendment in the Land of Enchantment has never been greater, but gun owners still have the opportunity to defeat Grisham’s anti-gun agenda and keep their 2A rights intact if they get involved.


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