It's Official: Louisiana Becomes 28th State to Adopt Permitless Carry

AP Photo/Rebecca Blackwell

Louisiana Gov. Jeff Landry campaigned on a pro-Constitutional Carry platform last fall, and the former Attorney General wasted no time at all to fulfill his campaign promise. Just a little more than two weeks after a permitless carry bill was formally introduced in a special session on crime and public safety, Landry put pen to paper today and officially made concealed carry licenses optional in the Sportsmans Paradise. 


"Today, we join 27 other states in passing Constitutional Carry. I promised the folks of Louisiana that I would champion Constitutional Carry into law, and within two months, I have honored that commitment," Republican Gov. Jeff Landry told Fox News Digital. 

"It's fundamentally clear — law-abiding citizens should never have to seek government permission to safeguard themselves and their families. Today, we have secured an incredible victory for liberty in Louisiana. I want to thank Louisiana’s NRA members for their great work."

Landry signed the NRA-backed Senate Bill 1 into law Tuesday, which allows eligible residents 18 and older to carry a concealed handgun without a permit. 

SB 1’s primary author, Republican state Sen. Blake Miguez exclusively told Fox News Digital that the governor’s signature "marks a key milestone in our enduring quest for liberty." 

"Today, Louisiana asserts its unwavering commitment to the Second Amendment by enacting Constitutional Carry, a move that embodies the absolute right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. Governor Landry's pivotal role, combined with the steadfast support from legislators across both chambers, has been crucial in reaffirming our dedication to the rights of law-abiding citizens. Our success owes much to the tireless efforts of NRA members and Second Amendment defenders throughout the state, whose advocacy has been indispensable," Miguez said. 


Second Amendment advocates never gave up in their quest to enshrine Constitutional Carry into law, even after then-Gov. John Bel Edwards vetoed a similar bill in 2021 and a handful of lawmakers flipped their votes in an override session, allowing the governor's veto to stand. Most of the flip-floppers are no longer in the legislature, but it was Landry's embrace of the measure that ensured this would be the year that Lousiiana joined more than half the country in removing a needless barrier to the right to bear arms. 

Elections have consequences, and in this case good ones for Second Amendment supporters. Starting this Independence Day, if you can lawfully possess a firearm in the state you'll be able to lawfully carry without the need for a state-issued license. This applies to everyone 18 and older, even those who live outside the state, so folks won't have to worry if their state has reciprocity with Louisiana. 

Will we see a 29th state adopt Constitutional Carry this year? The jury's still out in South Carolina, where a conference committee is trying to come up with a bill that's amenable to both the House and Senate, which have passed competing measures rejected by the other chamber. The conference committee comprised of six lawmakers is currently holding meetings, and if they can craft a bill that they support it will be sent to the House and Senate for an up-or-down vote without the possibility of making any changes.  


Louisiana has shown the Palmetto State the way forward. In just a matter of weeks, lawmakers in Baton Rouge made more progress than their counterparts in Columbia have made in a year. Now's the time for South Carolina legislators to follow the lead of their Louisiana colleagues and to adopt a clean Constitutional Carry bill of their own. 

Congratulations to gun owners and 2A activists in the Pelican State, who never gave up even when the state's good-old-boy politics was used to subvert the legislative process. The passage and adoption of this year's legislation may have been quick and painless, but Landry's signing is still the culmination of a years-long fight to restore the right to carry to its rightful status, and today's signing ceremony wouldn't have taken place without their efforts.  

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