Anti-2A Activists Have a New Target: 'Zombie Guns'

Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

What the heck is a "zombie gun" and why are some Democrats in Congress targeting them? 

We can easily answer the second question: because they're guns, and activist politicians like Rep. Maxwell Frost of Florida will go after any and all firearms given the chance. 


As to what a "zombie gun" is, well, that's a little more complicated. Here's how Frost defines his invented terminology:

As Frost explained, guns that are retired, seized or bought back by law-enforcement agencies are routinely sent to gun-disposal companies to be destroyed. However, for the firearms to be considered legally destroyed, only one piece, like the receiver or frame, needs to be crushed or otherwise destroyed. Some companies, like industry leader Gun Busters, then take the remaining functional parts and sell them as part of build-it-yourself kits used to make untraceable “ghost” guns.

Under the Destroy Zombie Guns Act, gun-disposal companies would be required to destroy the entire firearm, not just a single piece.

It's not that one piece "like" the frame or receiver must be destroyed. The frame and/or receiver is the firearm, according to federal law, so once its been destroyed, all that's left is a collection of gun parts. Its the secondary sale of those grips, triggers, firing pins and the like that are being targeted by Frost and his anti-gun colleagues in the House. 

Companies like Gun Busters typically destroy the frames and receivers free of charge, but they derive the profits necessary to keep their business afloat by selling these parts. As Gun Busters founder told the New York Times, he's happy to destroy every part of a firearm that's turned over to him, but the cities and law enforcement agencies that use his services will have to pay for that.


“Our services are free for law enforcement agencies,” said Scott Reed, president of Gunbusters. “If we can’t cover our costs by selling parts, then we charge them.”

Only about two percent of Gunbusters’ clients pay to have the full firearm destroyed, he said. Federal agencies, including the Secret Service, are among them.

There's no loophole here, despite the gun control lobby's efforts to create one. The New York Times reluctantly noted in its report that the written contracts used by Gun Busters discloses that gun parts that aren't destroyed may be resold on the secondary market, but tried to downplay that important point by claiming the government entities contracting with Gun Busters and others are too busy to read the terms of agreement. 

Elected officials rely on their police departments — which typically look to save money — to make the arrangements, and they give perfunctory approval with little or no discussion. In interviews, some officials acknowledged that they had not understood the process, but were reluctant to speak publicly now because they had made inaccurate claims for years about guns supposedly being destroyed.

Virtually all of the used gun parts that are put up for sale by companies like Gun Busters can be purchased without a background check, because they aren't guns. But Frost and co-sponsor Rep. Jill Tokuda (D-HI) are misrepresenting that fundamental fact in touting their new bill. 


“We cannot allow this mass proliferation of guns to continue to allow violent criminals and anyone who poses a threat to society in our community to continue to be walking around with an untraceable gun right here in our communities, in our schools, near our homes, near our children,” Tokuda said. “It’s really that simple. Without action, without passage of a bill like this, more about actors would easily be able to do exactly that—procure a gun and sadly to use it in ways that we have seen are absolutely destructive to communities, to families and our loved ones.”

It's really not that that simple, and passage of this bill wouldn't do a damn thing to stop violent criminals from building their own gun. You can buy all kinds of gun parts online or at your local gun shop, new and used alike. Heck, you can find triggers and grips for sale at Amazon, for crying out loud. 

If this bill passes, the biggest change would be that all those law enforcement agencies currently using companies like Gun Busters free of charge would have to start ponying up cold, hard cash for their services. They have to make their money somehow, after all, and it's not like Frost's buddy Michael Bloomberg is spending his billions subsidizing competitors to Gun Busters that pulverize every component of a firearm at a reduced cost. 


That would actually be a free market "solution" to this non-existent problem, but instead Frost and Tokuda want to use the heavy hand of government to block the lawful sale of used gun parts... or at least those collected by Gun Busters and the handful of other companies providing similar services. How long before they decide that all sales of parts used in a gun should be prohibited by law? 

The good news is that Frost's bill is going nowhere in the House (unless we have a couple more GOP retirements between now and November). The bad news is that the gun control lobby is still intent on weaponizing Americans' ignorance about firearms to advance their war on our Second Amendment rights, and they have plenty of allies in the media who are willing to help. 

That's one reason why it's so important that independent, pro-Second Amendment media outlets exist. We have to be able to call out this nonsense when we see it, but also provide the facts that the anti-gunners and the legacy media aren't interested in reporting. When you become a Bearing Arms VIP member or VIP Gold member of Townhall Media, you're not only getting access to exclusive stories and analysis you won't find anywhere else. You're pushing back against the falsehoods that are being deployed on a daily basis to tear down our Second Amendment rights. 


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