Silencer Central Helps 2A Defenders Make Some Noise in 2024 Elections

AP Photo/Steven Senne

When we spoke to the National Shooting Sports Foundation's Larry Keane a couple of weeks ago, he was candid about his concerns that the NRA isn't going to be able to have the kind of financial impact on the 2024 elections that it's enjoyed in previous election cycles. That's one big reason why the NSSF has launched the Protect Liberty PAC; to ensure that gun owners and Second Amendment advocates have the chance to influence critically important races; not just for president, but competitive House and Senate districts that will determine whether Congress is in control of the anti-gunners or 2A supporters in 2025. 


The NSSF is touting its biggest single contribution to date, with Silencer Central cutting the PAC a check for $50,000. 

“We are tremendously grateful for Silencer Central’s generous contribution and faith in Protect Liberty PAC’s mission to elect candidates who will fight for our liberties and freedoms, including the Second Amendment,” said Lawrence G. Keane, Protect Liberty PAC’s Treasurer. “Election Day is coming quickly. Support from Silencer Central to this important effort to elect those who will protect our rights and heritage cannot be understated. Silencer Central is showing true leadership for businesses in the firearm, ammunition, hunting, recreational and shooting sports industry that we hope others will consider and support Protect Liberty PAC – their industry’s super PAC.”

“November’s elections are vitally important to the values and freedoms we hold dear as Americans. We all must do our part to ensure we are electing officials who stand by their oaths to protect the Constitution, our liberties, and our freedoms,” said Brandon Maddox, founder and CEO of Silencer Central. “Our business is one that makes firearms quieter, but this is an instance where we are loud and proud to support the Protect Liberty PAC. I encourage all who are concerned for the direction of the nation, especially those in the firearm industry, to join us in protecting freedom here in America and around the world on Election Day.”


It's great to see that Maddox and Silencer Central understand the stakes of the 2024 elections; not just for their industry, but for the rights of gun owners across the country. 

Whether it's weaponizing the ATF and turning into a fully-armed gun control group with law enforcement powers, the DOJ spending tens of millions of dollars pushing "red flag" laws and fighting to uphold every unconstitutional statute being challenged in court, or the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention working with gun control outfits and anti-gun politicians like Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson to sue gun makers like Glock, the Biden administration has proven itself to be the most anti-2A regime in U.S. history. 

Biden himself declared the firearms industry to be the enemy when he was running for president in 2019, and since he's been in office he's shown that he sincerely believes that to be the case. Yes, he needs the backing of the gun control lobby as he tries to shore up his base of support before November, but his anti-2A machinations aren't solely based on political calculations. Biden's a true-blue believer in the idea of banning our way to safety, or at least to despotism, and another four years of his hostility towards the right to keep and bear arms could undo the decades of progress that we've made in securing our Second Amendment liberties. 


You don't have to be a suppressor company or gun maker to donate to Protect Liberty PAC. You can learn more information here, and I'd encourage you to do what you can to ensure that gun owners and Second Amendment defenders are heard between now and November. 

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