Right on the heels of the Zimmerman verdict comes another defensive gun story that’s drawing moderate attention, but doesn’t look to be as controversial.

Over a week ago on July 22nd, Robin Boyer, 58, told authorities that he had discovered an intruder on his property attempting to commit burglary.  According to police, Boyer attempted to confront the individual, identified by family as Brandon Pacheco (25).

During the confrontation an altercation ensued and ended with Pacheco being shot in the head with a shotgun.  From the story Boyer told, it seems reasonable to assume that this is another case of a homeowner defending himself and his property.

But, as the DA continues to review the case, Pacheco’s family is speaking out, claiming that Pacheco was a hard working young man who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

According to the Modesto Bee,

“I don’t believe there was an altercation at all,” Brandon’s sister said. “I know that he would have just taken off. He’s never gotten in any fights in his life, never hurt anyone. I think this is wrong. He didn’t deserve to die. I think this man needs to pay for what he did.”

“He was a good hard working kid that never would hurt anybody and was unarmed, and viciously mowed down,” she posted on Facebook. “He had a lot of family and a lot of friends that loved him. And he was too young to die like this.”

“I want my brother back, but I can’t have him back. I hope that man gets charged with something.”

The family’s account seems to tell a completely different story.  So which side is telling the truth?

Our sympathies go out to the family, but a report from Turlock City News confirms that Pacheco had a murky past.  City News notes that Brandon was convicted of theft back in March, and in that same incident police found Brandon in possession of meth.  The court ordered classes for Pacheco but unfortunately he was arrested again in early July for burglary.

We’ll continue to provide coverage on whether this becomes a self-defense story or another Zimmerman fiasco.