Two Teens Shot After Breaking and Entering Attempt

According to police reports, two teens received more than they bargained for after breaking into a home in Lithonia, Georgia. The intruders approached a home and rang the doorbell while a third accomplice waited with a vehicle.

After hearing no answer they thought the residence was empty and went around the back to break in. At that moment they came face to face with the homeowner, who also happened to own a firearm.

The resident fired at the teens, hitting both of them. All three fled the scene with the gunshot victims left to traverse on foot.

Fox5 has more:

“They were in pretty bad shape,” the witness said. “One had lacerations down his arm, his shirt was torn … he was losing a lot of blood.”

Another nearby resident told reporters about the homeowner.

“He protected his home, he protected his values,” the neighbor said. “You know, those kids might’ve had a gun. They might’ve [come] in and shot him. So, he did the right thing.”

All three teens have been caught and will face charges for their alleged crimes. The resident, however, will not face any charges. The homeowner claimed that he did not have any other choice, and the available evidence seems to back up his claim.