In a recent article, pretty much everything you need to know about Matthews’ credibility was summed up by the fact that he is president of the Outcast Voters League. I mean seriously, if your entire high school football team took turns giving you wedgies in the hallway, would you really want to advertise it as an adult?  

Matthews spoke at a press conference in Birmingham, Alabama last month promoting yet more of what liberals love to call ‘common sense’ gun laws; an oxymoron if ever there was one. Of course no gun control scheme would be worth more than three Pinocchio Nose Inch (PNI) points without a tragedy to get John Q. Public in the right frame of mind. Matthews chose the tragic shooting of a woman who was killed by a stray bullet in 2013 while holding her 10-day-old baby; co-opting a tragic event to garner sympathy, merits three PNI.  

Proposing the “Sheri Williams Mandatory Gun Changes Act,” Matthews reassured his fellow Alabamians that he’s not against gun rights but is demanding “accountability and responsibility of gun owners.”

It’s an interesting perspective for Matthews to hold considering there’s an accompanying photo of him at the press conference holding a pistol in his hand at a public event. The obvious safety concerns notwithstanding, the 60 year old from Cleveland, Ohio has been arrested over 30 times and has done time.

According to a September 8, 2016 article in the Birmingham Times, Matthews said while he was in jail he found God but apparently he didn’t find a law book. He is bereft of the SCOTUS Heller decision and the fact that you have to be a law-abiding citizen to be in possession of a firearm. Liberalism at its finest – you are supposed to adhere to accountability and responsibility but he isn’t; add two PNI.

The proposed law encompasses twelve points with four PNIs for its crown jewel requirement – mandatory gun registration. It includes a nifty card for your wallet listing every firearm you own which, it turns out,  is not very practical since the act also includes ending both concealed and open carry throughout the state; pick up four additional PNI for total disregard of the Supreme Court and Constitution.

Other highlights include mandatory gun safes with only the registered owner having the combination – what could possibly go wrong with that idea, a three month waiting period before you can pick up a firearm you purchased, and an extensive mental evaluation which brings me back to Frank Matthews.

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