So we have had yet another horrific school shooting. Despite what liberals would have you believe, pro-Second Amendment people are just as shocked and have just as much, if not more, of a desire to stop the insanity. The difference is, we prefer to stick to the truth when we discuss how to deal with the situation. There are several reasons why nothing positive gets accomplished with respect to finding a solution, not the least of which is that liberals distort the facts, and in some cases outright lie, to push their point of view.

For instance, the press has been repeating the liberal talking point that there have been 18 school shootings so far in 2018. It’s nonsense, of course. They’re using totally unrelated situations to inflate the number, such as a gun that accidentally discharged in a glove compartment in a car that was in a school parking lot long before students arrived. Another of the alleged 18 school shootings was a man who parked outside a Michigan elementary school and called police to say he was armed and suicidal, then subsequently committed suicide. The catch: no one was around, and the school had been closed for seven months.

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and Mom’s Demand Action simply make up statistics, and the liberal, anti-Second Amendment press carries the water for them. It’s a play straight out of Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky – if you say it often enough and loud enough, it becomes the truth. The real truth, however, is that decades-old liberal policy in education is the root of the problem. From the earliest grades, students are taught they have a right not to be offended; they aren’t allowed to say or do anything that might upset others, and the right of an individual outweighs that of everyone else. As a result, anything that a student finds offensive becomes justification for striking back at the offender.

Despite what anyone says, games that glorify killing others, particularly police, are nothing more than advertising that breaks down social mores designed to keep societal aggression in check. One of the things that all these shooters have had in common is a sense of righteous indignation over some perceived insult or act against them. There is no innate inhibition left in these individuals. To make matters worse, liberalism shields the socially deviant unless, of course, the socially deviant is conservative. But for the rest, it is wrong to call the cops and tell them, “My next door neighbor Bob is constantly talking about how much he hates the principal of the local school for firing him. And, by the way, every day in his backyard, Bob practices blowing open a fake door with an explosive then runs through it shooting.” Obviously, we can’t tell anyone about Bob because it would be violating his right to privacy.

It’s never about the shooter; it’s always about the gun. The most overused and hollow phrase in the news is “sensible gun control.” But we’ve seen what liberals call sensible gun control, and it always ends with total confiscation. They constantly put forth unrealistic concepts such as the Second Amendment is outdated, the Founding Fathers would have never included a Second Amendment had they any inkling of what modern weapons would be like, the Constitution is a living document and needs to be updated to fit the times by eliminating the Second Amendment, and other equally ridiculous notions.

The truth is it’s about the shooter and nothing else. In a civilized society, the aggrieved take the aggressor to task through legal means to seek justice. Unfortunately, many liberals have pushed the idea that long established systems such as police, the courts and government are against citizens and should be avoided in favor of personal revenge. Take to the streets, burn cop cars, trash cities – those are quickly becoming the hallmarks of liberalism. Instant gratification and the right to seek revenge for even the smallest slight against someone is the new sense of justice. Chaos has replaced a civilized society, and liberals will seek any excuse to bring about gun confiscation, because the only thing that has any hope of holding that chaos back is an armed citizen, and that would only serve to chill the liberal dogma.

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