Rant of the Week - More Gun Control Won't End Chicago's Killing Fields

(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)
(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)
(Armando L. Sanchez / Chicago Tribune)

One would think if you are the mayor of a city that the President of the United States suggests needed federal intervention in order to control violent crime, that you’d be shamed into doing something about it. Well, not if it’s the Windy City, a nom de guerre Chicago earned for its proliferation of long-winded politicians constantly ducking reality. It is a proclivity shared by the press.  


More than once President Trump has alluded to involvement at the federal level. The response from Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been cool but the press has taken up the torch condemning such reckless talk as federal intervention in local affairs.

In “Even a Pro-Gun Liberal Doesn’t Get It,“an article I wrote earlier this week in BearingArms.com, I contrasted the disconnect between a pro-gun liberal’s opinion of the Second Amendment and that of a conservative’s. The former views the Second Amendment as an issue of defense against criminals while the latter as a defense against government. The liberal mindset is the Second Amendment is flexible to the needs of the liberal agenda up to and including abolishing it.

Chicago’s response to violent crime underscores the fallacy of that slice of liberal dogma. Violent crime means more gun control and all the usual suspects turn out in force. The press hawks it like a religion starting at the bottom of the barrel with the quintessential nutcase Father Michael “Drag the gunstore owner into the street and kill him” Pfleger.

In a telephone conversation with a representative of Bishop Blasé Cupich of the Archdiocese of Chicago, I asked why the Archdiocese allows a priest to threaten the life of a law-abiding Chicago businessman. I was told Father Pfleger is “quite an exception.” Quite an exception indeed, a contemporary Tomas de Torquemada inflicting his own brand of the Spanish Inquisition on law abiding firearm owners.


Then there are the Chicago Aldermen who live in the very high crime districts they are demanding the Mayor and Superintendent of Police clean up.

Let’s be realistic, if you have never know anyone in your family who’s held a legitimate job and crossing the wrong street can get you killed, those are pretty significant social impediments to becoming a choirboy. Well, maybe not a choirboy in Father Pfleger’s Church of the Holy Lynching.

Here’s a news flash for all of those people who hide their collective heads in the sand and point fingers in every direction but their own. Violent crime is an outgrowth of the local social structure which breeds half-crazed gang bangers using 9mm G-Locks to essentially pour bleach in their shallow end of the gene pool. It might well be a self-correcting situation except for two problems: they are reproducing faster than they’re downsizing and they keep missing their intended target and killing innocent children.  

What the Father Pflegers and Chicago Aldermen conveniently ignore, and the press fails to report, is they are the ones in the local community. They are the only ones who can turn the situation around. They need to work towards bringing back respect for proper parenting in a home with a mother and a father who provide positive role models and hold their children accountable for their actions. Unfortunately, that’s never going to happen because who would give these charlatans a second glance if the hood turned respectable?


No, more gun control won’t end the Chicago killing fields but hawking it on television will bring them more fame and fortune.

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