House Bill Would Tell VA to Back Off on Vet’s Guns

(DOD photo)

Congress seeks to restore the Second Amendment rights veterans lost due to the Veteran’s Administration’s interference.

It was the Obama administration that implemented a policy that Iraq and Afghanistan combat veterans who sought Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder treatment from the VA should be prevented from owning a firearm. The result has been those most in need of help are reluctant to step forward to get it for fear of having their firearms confiscated. It is an issue that still needs to be addressed under the Trump administration but it gets worse.


Obama also decided in 2015 veterans who designate someone else to handle their financial affairs should be reported to the National Instant Criminal Background Checks System. As many as 257,000 former members of the military lost their right to keep and bear arms after receiving financial management help from the VA.

The twisted logic is if you’re a veteran and you’re not good at handling money, you are too incompetent to own a firearm. A similar scheme equating bad math and mental incompetence was foisted upon senior citizens on Social Security. The concept of due process seemed to have escaped the University of Chicago’s self-proclaimed Constitutional scholar.

According to an article in, the Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act would protect veterans who are having problems handling their finances from being subjected to uncontested loss of Second Amendment rights. Instead, it would require a judge’s ruling that they were ‘mentally defective’ before losing their Second Amendment rights to buy a firearm.

The bill is opposed by Democrats as being “unsafe.” Rep. Elizabeth Esty, a Connecticut Democrat and the ranking member of the Committee, said it puts veterans who need help most at risk.


“With more than 20 veterans dying by suicide per day, the vast majority by firearm, today’s legislation would make it easier, not harder, for those veterans in crisis to get access to a firearm. This bill would set a nearly impossible standard for the VA to prevent a veteran who is at risk of harming themselves or others from purchasing a gun.”

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