Awesome Grandmother Scares Off Burglars with a Loaded Gun

Source: Screenshot from Fox 5 News Video
Source: Screenshot from Fox 5 News Video


Friday night, a 78 year-old grandmother in Georgia used a loaded gun to scare off two men attempting to burglarize her home.


Elaine Stiehl was getting ready to take a nap at approximately 3 p.m., when she heard noises coming from inside her house. Stiehl then loaded her gun and opened her bedroom door to find two men standing in her hallway.

According to officials, the men were in the process of stealing furs and tools but fled after seeing Stiehl’s gun.

Colonel James Yarbrough from the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 5 News, “I don’t know why they selected that house, but they picked the wrong one.”

Neighbors were able to give a description of the getaway car. The vehicle was pulled over soon after, and both men and the woman driving were arrested.

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