Chaos Erupts in Downtown D.C. As Protests Turn Violent

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As expected, the protesters started out early this morning – and they haven’t exactly been peaceful.

Less than two miles from the inauguration ceremony in Northwest Washington, D.C., protesters marched through the streets, some armed with crowbars and hammers, smashing shop windows, bus stop glass and the windows of a limousine. The sides of buildings were defaced with graffiti, and newsstands were knocked over – one was even set on fire.


After the swearing-in ceremony, some of the protestors – or rather rioters – also began throwing rocks at police officers.

Police dressed in riot gear then used pepper spray and “other control devices” to try and quell the chaos.

Three D.C. police officers were injured and taken to the hospital – none of them critically injured – and at least 90 protesters were arrested.

Earlier in the day, at various checkpoints, protesters attempted to block Trump supporters from entering the designated viewing areas for the inauguration.

At one checkpoint, over 150 DisruptJ20 protesters were able to effectively block the entrance as they chanted, “This checkpoint is closed.” A few other check points were also forced to close.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like things are going to calm down anytime soon.

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