Colorado Man Arrested After Wandering Around Schools With Loaded Rifle

A highly suspicious man was arrested on Monday after he was spotted wandering around two schools in Florence, Colorado, with a loaded rifle, reports KKTV.

The 33-year-old male raised a red flag for number of residents in the area who then decided to call the police.


“A male with a brown coat, a hat, glasses and camouflage pants walking down 3rd Street in front of the police station towards the middle school. The subject appeared to be carrying a rifle,” Police Chief Michael Delaurentis told KKTV.

The man was seen walking past an elementary school, as well. Many witnesses also reported that he was trying to hide the gun.

“Several of the callers say he was trying to conceal the weapon – that’s alarming,” Delaurentis added.

After receiving the calls, police descended on the area.

“We had the area – literally, within six minutes, about 14 policemen in the area including detectives,” Delaurentis said.

Police then engaged in a short standoff with the man who fled to a nearby home. He eventually emerged and was detained. The gun found on his person was fully loaded.

The suspect is now facing multiple charges, including felony menacing. Police told KKTV, more charges may be added once police uncover the man’s intention with the rifle.

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