After Violent Home Invasion, Texas Man Fatally Shoots Underwear-Clad Attacker

A man in Harris County, Texas, was shot and killed last Thursday after breaking into a family’s home and attacking them.

Naarai Olvera, the daughter of the homeowners, was not was not home when the invasion happened but was able to share her family’s story with ABC Eyewitness News.

At around 2 a.m., Olvera’s parents awoke when their door was kicked in. The intruder – who was wearing nothing but his underwear – then began beating the couple. According to Olvera, the man hit her mother in the face so many times, he may have broken her nose.

The commotion woke Olvera’s brother, who attempted to fight off his parents’ attacker. However, the intruder took him out with the family’s 60-inch flat screen TV.

“He just kept attacking. He would not stop,” Olvera told ABC Eyewitness News.

The intruder then barged into the room where her sister, brother-in-law and their children were staying.

Her brother-in-law shot and killed the attacker before he could harm anyone else.

“He didn’t have an option. He had to shoot him,” Olvera told ABC Eyewitness News.

Olvera, her family, and investigators suspect the man was on drugs when he committed the violent home invasion.

“We are a Christian family, we don’t believe in killing anybody,” she added. “But we had to do what we had to do to protect our family and protect our little kids.”