Alabama Sheriff's Office Offers Free Gun Training Course

The Cullman County Sheriff’s Office in Alabama issues thousands of concealed carry permits each year, and it wants to ensure those new gun owners know how to properly use their firearms. That’s why last week, the sheriff’s office brought back its free firearms training course.

The workshop started off in the classroom where Sgt. David Nunn went over gun safety, parts of the pistol, the responsibilities of gun owners, pistol handling including how to properly grip your firearm and shooting stance, and even instances in which deadly force may be used.

A few days later, participants were invited back to the firing range to practice what they’d learned. Each student received one-on-one supervision from either Nunn or one of the five other deputies – all of whom are certified firearms instructors – while they fired off up 100 rounds of ammunition.

According to The Cullman Tribune, 43 people showed up for the event.

Sheriff Matt Gentry, who also helped with the workshop, told the Tribune,“Everybody has different opinions of what they want to carry and how they want to carry it.  Whatever you carry, train with it.”

“What we want to teach you is how to use your firearm correctly, proficiently and safely. We want to give you options and knowledge because with knowledge comes power,” he added. “And if we can teach you one thing that you didn’t know before, then that’s something that may help save your life.”

Props to the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office for educating its citizens and producing more responsible gun owners. Keep doin’ what you’re doin’!