Special deals, concealed carry no-no’s, and liberal freak outs; if you feel like you’ve missed something, here’s a recap of some of our readers’ favorite stories and videos from Bearing Arms this week.

Another Liberal Freakout

A video of a North Carolina cop approaching three teenagers with an AR-15 went viral this week. Commentators called the act inappropriate, unacceptable and unwelcome in their city. However, some might say the officer was justified in his decision.

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Don’t Make These Mistakes

It’s just a start, but check out these “5 Things You Should Never Do When Carrying Concealed.”

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The Problem with Unarmed Self-Defense Classes

It’s time to stop fooling women who take unarmed self-defense classes into thinking they can take on a violent attacker.

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Open Carry “Activists”

Two armed men – one of whom was wearing a ski mask and carrying an AKM – entered a Dearborn police station to file a complaint over an “illegal” traffic stop. Needless to say, the stunt didn’t go over well will police.

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Second Amendment Days

Some states are looking to create Second Amendment days during which firearm, ammunition and hunting supply purchases will be tax-free.

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