Mystery of a Great Patriot's Death

Guns & Patriots regrets to report that the body John Wheeler III, 66, has been found in a landfill.

Many may not have heard of John Wheeler III, but his contributions to the United States are significant. Wheeler graduated from West Point during the height of Vietnam War. He later obtained an MBA from Harvard and law degree from Yale. 

Three presidents sought his counsel in various capacities. Wheeler was instrumental in development of the Air Force Cyber Command during the Bush administration. He also was involved in charitable organizations such as serving as the CEO of Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Perhaps one of his most enduring contributions is his service as the chairman of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund. Under his leadership private monies were raised to support the building of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C. It was he who braved criticism about the selection of black marble for the memorial, insisting the public wait to see the results. He predicted the acceptance of the color once people discovered the reflective qualities of the polished black surface, reflecting the solemn faces of people who reverently stand quietly gazing on the wall.

Police are baffled at his death, which they consider a homicide. The truck that dumped his body had visited about ten commercial dumpsters before depositing at the landfill, so it is difficult to determine from which one the body came.  Tracing his steps over the last two weeks has revealed little about the crime. Neighbors reportedly stated the television at Wheeler’s home excessively loud for several days. Most report they had little or no contact with Wheeler.  Police report his home appears normal and they do not consider it a crime scene. 

The day after Christmas, Wheeler emailed a friend again relating his concern that the US military is unprepared for a cyber attack. That was the last known contact from him.

Wheeler operated his own consulting firm and recently was contracted with The Mitre Corporation, a non-profit corporation that operates federally funded research and development centers in Massachusetts and Virginia. One of the areas Mitre is involved in is Cyber Security according to their website. It is too early in the investigation to determine if his employment had any connection to his murder.

Wheeler’s family issued a statement through the police department that they hope the press will respect their privacy during this time of grief.

The nation should grieve as well for the loss of this great patriot and pray for a resolution to the mystery of his untimely demise. Wheeler will be buried with full military honors as befits him.

Article Update: Last night G & P received this information: Wheeler’s family has offered a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of individual(s) associated with his death.

Mr. Gates is the author of The Bahrain Conspiracy.