Gunner Up in Rush Hour!

Every day, day in and day out, we grind along in traffic jams around the country plodding to and from work. Who among us hasn’t fantasized about having .50 calibers mounted on our car to blast our way through traffic or simply envisioned putting a few well-placed rounds into the trunk of that jerk that just cut you off and slammed on the brakes. has just the ticket for you traffic gunners out there. While you cannot mount real .50 caliber machine guns on your truck or SUV, now you can have the look of dual .50 calibers coming out of your grill or out from under your bumpers. Yes, realistic looking .50 caliber barrel tips to give your ride the look of an armed and ready P-51.

The package includes two barrel tips along with the needed mounting bolts for $89.95 plus $9.95 shipping and handling. Please do not confuse these Hollywood props for the real thing – they cannot protect you, that’s why you obtained a concealed carry permit! But for fantasy fun and jaw-dropping, wide-eyed, gasping looks from other drivers, this will serve its intended purpose! What Fun!

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