Gun Self-Defense: Neighbors Detain Robber at Gunpoint

Neighbors thwarted a robbery in Pennsylvania after witnessing a man attempt to break-in to a nearby home. From the police report, Jed Shoemaker, 34, had already been arrested after an incident on July 21st and once again found himself cuffed following this latest attempt.

The two neighbors, who decided to remain anonymous, spotted Shoemaker near a residence in Union Township. They held Shoemaker at gunpoint until police arrived at the scene.

When police arrived, Shoemaker admitted that he was going to break into the home, “to see what was inside”. Police found a claw hammer, crow bar and flashlight outside of the home. Police told reporters the home wasn’t occupied at the time, speculating that the family was on vacation.

Thankfully these law-abiding neighbors had the courage and ability to stop this burglar before he could do any serious harm. Yet another reason why it’s important to have firearms. It’s not always about protecting yourself, but protecting your family and friends.