CNN has announced President Obama will join Anderson Cooper this Thursday for an “exclusive one-hour live town hall on gun control”.

Set to air at 8PM EST, the program “Guns in America” is sure to be a rousing hour of talking points, stale narrative, and complete ignorance of the facts surrounding guns and gun violence in America.

Interestingly, CNN states that Obama will also be taking questions from the audience during the program. I would love to know a) how the audience will be selected, b) if the questions will be approved ahead of time, and c) if anyone against gun control will be given the floor. Typically, “town hall” meetings are a gathering of a cross section of citizens who are free to voice their opinions and ask questions of elected officials.

Given the fact that Obama has shown no interest in what America wants or what Congress cannot pass by indicating he will act alone to enact gun control measures through executive order, I doubt this debate will be anything like the open honest discussion that would serve to shut down his ignorant declarations against current gun laws.

Kicking off his week tomorrow, Obama will meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch to finalize his much speculated, but still secretive executive order on gun control which is expected to be announced ahead of his Jan. 12th State of the Union address.

One thing is for sure, this week will certainly be one for the history books. With 2016 as his last year in office and his declaration of gun control being a ‘loose end‘ in his waining presidency, we need to stay on top of all the actions his executive pen has the audacity to take.

Anyone else expecting a whole lot of liberal hogwash blabber drifting down into the echo chamber of CNN?