A masked man entered the Family Dollar store around 9:30am on Friday morning in an attempted robbery.

Police confirm there were several customers and three other employees in addition to the clerk inside the store at the time of the robbery.

But while store employees and customers ran to the back of the store, a 25 year old clerk stood firm and took aim at the threat standing in his store, shooting the man dead.

“This place has been robbed several times,” the clerk’s uncle said. “Right before Thanksgiving, they robbed him and even after he gave them everything, they still hit with him the gun.”

Employees claim the man had his hand inside his jacket pocket as if he was holding a gun. Police have recovered the surveillance tape from the store, but have not yet confirmed whether or not the suspect was armed.

Regular customers and fellow employees at the Family Dollar Store on Montgomery Road were quick to jump to the young store clerk’s defense.

“He just smiles and says, ‘How you doing?'” Shalondra Peavy told KHOU. “Very soft-spoken, so I know he’s not a killer, but he is a survivor.”

“I left the back room to see if he was OK, see where he was at,” store employee Ivan Sanchez said. “And when I left the back room, and when I go out there, I see him with the robber and the robber was already lying on the floor.”

“I don’t blame the guy for shooting him and I feel sorry for the family and their loss,” one witnesses’ mother told KPRC. “But you can’t just take people’s things like that.”
The case will be sent to a Grand Jury to decide whether charges will be filed against the clerk.