We all know criminals are stupid, but this thief is really stupid.

Rather than allowing the owner of the car he was trying to steal scare him off, instead, he chose to threaten him and lead him back to his apartment building for money.

But what he got was a healthy dose of instant karma and swift justice.

FOX4 reported:

According to police, a man walked outside of his home in the 500 block of NW 55th Terrace around 2:41 a.m., and saw someone trying to get into his vehicle. The man told police the suspect claimed to have a knife and that he begged the suspect not to hurt him. Investigators tell FOX 4 the man told the suspect to follow him inside his home and he would give him money.

Once the man was inside of his home, he told his roommate to get a gun, police say. The incident escalated into a fight that ended with the suspect being shot in the shoulder.

The suspect fled from the scene, but police later found him in Claycomo after he called for an ambulance.

The suspect’s injuries appear to be non-life threatening.

The car owner and his roommate have minor bumps and bruises.