A 41-year-old St. Petersburg man is now facing a murder charge after Pinellas County Sheriff’s deputies say he was involved in a Wednesday morning robbery that resulted in the death of the man accused of being his accomplice.

According to the sheriff’s office, deputies were called out to 5800 66th Lane N. around 9:04 AM Wednesday after receiving reports of gunfire. When deputies arrived, they found suspected armed robber 28-year-old Michael Biltoft, dead outside the home. Deputies say Biltoft and Shane Kurucz, 41, went to the home on 66th Lane with the intent of carrying out an armed robbery.

“During the course of the armed robbery, Biltoft was shot by the resident and Kurucz fled the scene,” an email from the agency said.

Deputies located Kuruz late Wednesday and brought him into custody. He faces a third-degree murder charge “for his role in the armed robbery that resulted in Biltoft’s death,” the email said.

Since Kurucz was also on probation for a prior cocaine charge, he faces a criminal charge for violating probation, as well.

Kurucz was booked into the Pinellas County Jail and held without bond. He was scheduled for a first appearance hearing before a judge yesterday.

The Sheriff’s Office will not identify the homeowner who fired the fatal shot at Biltoft.