The 4th annual Moms Demand Action Against America’s Second Amendment Rights March (or something) took place this past Saturday in New York City. The “event”, which MDA claims brought “hundreds” of supporters into the streets of NYC, was organized by gun control shill Shannon Watts and funded by none other than Michael Bloomberg.

“We are going to stand up and fight until our last breath because if we lose our children we have nothing left to lose,” said the group’s founder, Shannon Watts.

The marchers, who went from Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn to City Hall in lower Manhattan, said they wanted stricter background checks for gun purchases and a ban on assault rifles.

“They keep saying we have good, strong gun laws, but for me, I don’t believe these laws are really that strong,” Christopher said.

Marchers, as they crossed the bridge, shouted, “What do we want? Gun sense!”

“We’re really pushing for more gun safety regulations,” she said. “It is not an anti-gun movement. It is not a partisan movement. It is a safety movement.”

“This is not a Second Amendment issue!” actress Julianne Moore said of the groups’ aims, from a stage at the tip of City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan. “It does not deserve to be hotly debated as such! It is a safety issue!”

Not an issue for MDA is where they find funding. Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg provided a large part of the funding for the rally, not ‘we the people’ in the form of donations.

While they may have had two semi-famous actresses in tow, Moms Demand has never been able to document more than 130 at a rally. However, they have attempted to doctor photos and ask photographers to shoot their events in a way that gives the appearance of having more supporters than they actually have.

“Save our children!” the few people who came out chanted as they marched through the city, blind to the fact that armed parents have used and continue to use guns to save their own children from gun violence.

Gun control zombie lies were as far as the eye could see during the march. “Nobody carrying loaded guns in public is a ‘good guy’” one sign read while another declared, “Gun sense & 2A can coexist” and “You want to talk well regulated militia? Meet the moms!” read another. “Not one more,” “Moms get it done,” “Who is afraid of a background check?” “#OneToughMother” and “No guns, no gory.” were a few other words scribbled on cardboard and lifted into the air at Saturday’s event.

Yael Denbo, 43, said she felt compelled to volunteer after Newtown.

“I have kids so I felt like everybody’s kids are all our responsibilities,” she said. How socialistic of her.

NRA spokesman Lars Dalseide said in an email Saturday that “while some groups may jump at the chance to politicize tragedies, experience tells us that real solutions to real problems are only found when relying on facts, and the fact is that criminals obtain their firearms through illegal means.”

Check out the photos taken at this Saturday’s march and you tell me: if they truly had “hundreds” of supporters out, wouldn’t the ‘reporters’ have done everything to take higher shots of the massive crowd?

This could be 50-100 people, for all we know, but what we do know is this: Moms Demand and Bloomberg continue to push lies in New York and throughout America. Not to end gun violence, but to end gun ownership.