Hawkins County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the Beechwood Hills Trailer Park around 10:15PM on the night of May 3, following a report of a man being shot. Deputies arrived on scene and found a man in the roadway suffering from gunshot wounds.

The man in the roadway, who later died from his injuries, was later identified as 39-year-old Darrell Bruce Roberts.

An investigation by the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Detective Division revealed that Roberts was shot several times while he attempted to get on the porch of another man’s home who also lived in the trailer park.

Roberts then allegedly threatened to inflict bodily harm on the man.

The preliminary investigation identifies this shooting was in self defense.

While the investigation is still ongoing, this is yet another example of an armed citizen utilizing a tool, which happened to be a gun, in self defense when the threat of bodily harm came to his doorstep.