The owner, who identified himself as Ike, told police he saw the hooded robbers come into his store on his security camera shortly before 11PM. According to sheriff’s officials, one robber was armed with a rifle and both men wore body armor.

Armed with his gun, the store owner confronted the pair of armed robbers, shooting them both.

Jasmine Chavez, who lives just behind the business, said when she came out of her home a short time after the shooting, she saw the suspects being wheeled into an ambulance and spoke with the manager of the business.

“His reaction was wow, like lucky to be alive,” Chavez described. “He’s like, I had to do what I had to do to save my life and his employee there as well.”

Local resident Hector Martinez, who has worked at a marijuana dispensary as a security guard, says the owners of such businesses usually have security guards around all the time.

“A lot of money is kept inside, and that’s why they always hire guards and actually have to escort people with that amount of money out so they won’t get robbed,” Martinez said.

Authorities say both of the suspects are in critical condition and will be taken into custody if and when they are released from the hospital.