On Monday, a Waynesboro, PA pharmacy was the site of an armed robbery by a highly agitated masked man demanding money and drugs from the staff.

But he definitely wasn’t counting on an armed citizen stepping up to administer a subcutaneous dose of lead for his raging case of criminal activity.

“An individual wearing a ski mask walked into Antietam Pharmacy, brandishing a handgun, acting violently, aggressively, and (hostile), demanding money and drugs,” Waynesboro Police Chief Jim Sourbier said.

Sourbier confirmed that after witnessing the robber’s violent and threatening behavior, an armed citizen in the store drew their gun in self defense.

“(The suspect) became so aggressive in brandishing his weapon that an individual in the store felt their life was at risk and did fire several rounds at the suspect, striking the suspect.”

After the armed robber was shot, store patrons were able to subdue and hold him in the store until authorities got to the scene.

Sourbier said the suspect was airlifted to York’s trauma center for treatment.

Police in the Waynesboro area say yesterday’s incident is just the latest in a string of shootings and related incidents.

Stay armed and stay vigilant, citizens.