A homeowner in Ocala, FL was forced to use a firearm in self defense on Sunday when her home was targeted by a deranged home intruder.

The 54-year-old woman told police a man knocked on her kitchen window and demanded she open her door to him. The homeowner said she didn’t recognize the man and told him to leave.

That’s when police say the man kicked in the woman’s front door and entered her home.

The homeowner ran to her upstairs bedroom and locked the door while she called 911. Fearing the police would not arrive in time to stop the deranged man from hurting her, she hid in her bedroom closet but also armed herself with a .22 caliber handgun.

…and it’s a good thing she did, too.

The intruder followed the victim upstairs and broke into the locked bedroom she was in. After entering the room, the man took off his shorts, which police report had been soiled, then proceeded to break into the closet where the homeowner was hiding, waiting for police.

Deputies confirmed the man eventually breeched the closet door, but the homeowner was ready for him. She fired one shot, striking the suspect in the abdomen.

When police finally arrived on scene, they found the man hiding behind the bedroom door, naked and bleeding.

The suspect, 27-year-old Victor Alex Etherington, was taken to Ocala Regional Medical Center to be treated for his gunshot.

The report states that Etherington was not known to the woman and detectives believe he “lived at the location for about 12 years before he moved.” The report also noted, “it is believed the suspect was under the influence of alcohol.”

Assistant State Attorney Ric Ridgway said that although he could not comment on the case, a homeowner has had “no duty to retreat” when using deadly force if they are in fear for their life even before the laws know as “Stand Your Ground.”

Kudos to this homeowner for