It’s happened to most of us – some more than others. You’re driving down the highway or a backroad or maybe you roll through a stop sign one too many times, and here they come. The flashing lights, the piercing sound of the siren. It’s nerve-racking, to say the least.

With so much tension surrounding recent officer-involved shootings, I feel a duty to open the discussion on what to do when legal gun owners either open or concealed carrying are pulled over by police.

No matter what state you find yourself in, national firearms expert and trainer Massad Ayoob explains there is a universal way to inform the officer you’re carrying: hand your concealed carry permit over with your drivers license.

A good idea is to have your licenses, as well as proof of registration and insurance if your state requires drivers to show, readily available to hand the officer if requested.

Watch as Ayoob and PDTV host Tom Gresham walk through a typical traffic stop, explaining why every concealed carry permit holder needs to have an action plan in place so they know what to do if and when they’re pulled over.

Do you have an action plan? Is there anything you want to suggest readers add to their action plan? Sound off in the comments.