Last Friday, the parking lot of a bustling Florin Road Golden 1 Credit Union in Sacramento, CA was the scene of a shootout between a Brinks armored car guard and armed robber. Witnesses said the armed robber, who was dressed in boots, a brimmed hat and a yellow construction vest, appeared like he might have tried to dress up like a security guard.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Tony Turnbull said the guard had exited the bank and was walking to his armored vehicle with a bag of money when the suspect, wearing a mask and armed with a gun, tried to rob him. There was an exchange of gunfire between the guard and the robber which left both wounded.

The robbery took place in the parking lot just feet outside the door of the credit union where another Brinks guard was inside. Turnbull said the guard involved in the shootout was believed to have been wearing a protective vest and that the second Brinks guard did not fire his weapon.

Police arrived to the location at about 9:30 a.m. and located the armed guard on the ground in the parking lot with a gunshot wound to his upper body and the suspect down with ‘more than one’ gunshot, said Turnbull.

“I saw the robber with a gun in his hand,” said Nina Poncho, who witnessed the incident from inside the bank. She said the robber appeared to have tried to dress like a security guard. She said the robber crossed the parking lot and approached the guard from behind. When she heard shots fired, she said she ran away from the window at the front of the bank, but continued to view the aftermath from the back of the bank.

“I saw the robber here face down,” she said, pointing to a pile of clothing, boots, vest and bags that were left as evidence. “He was right there where all that stuff is.”

Police are still investigating the incident, but this armed guard did a great job protecting the credit union’s assets and members!