Newsweek Claims "Deadlier Weapons" are Driving Gun Sales


Well, this is weapons-grade stupid.

Newsweek, in their quest to scare the crap out of their readers and push the liberal gun control narrative, claims Americans are buying “deadlier weapons” for self-defense.

People are increasingly buying more lethal guns, and arming themselves for purposes of protection rather than for hunting or recreation, new research shows.

In a study of gun manufacturing and sales from 1990 to 2015, published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, researchers shows [sic] that the production of larger-caliber handguns skyrocketed in this time period. The paper found that since 1994, the manufacture of .38-caliber guns rose 12-fold, with nearly 820,000 of the pistols produced in 2015. The manufacture of 9 mm guns also increased seven-fold in this 15-year stretch, while those larger than 9 mm jumped 150 percent.

Not only are more people buying more deadly firearms, but these firearms—like .38-caliber pistols—are often compact and easy to conceal.

More lethal? More deadly firearms?

Did anyone else think of The Princess Bride here?

Newsweek Claims "Deadlier Weapons" are Driving Gun Sales

You know what’s a deadlier weapon? Manual strangulation vs. an open-handed slap.

More lethal? Titanium baseball bats vs. wooden baseball bats.

More deadly? An SUV vs. a 10-speed bike.

Come on, Newsweek – quit trying to shame gun owners for purchasing tools to defend their lives. Maybe their message to readers should be, ‘Warning: if you attempt to bring bodily harm to someone else, you may be shot and die.’