Shocking Video of Unarmed Homeowner Wrestling Gun From Armed Attacker

San Francisco police have released video of one very brave unarmed homeowner who was forced to think fast to defend himself against an armed attack.

The attack took place on Monday, Sept. 28, at 8:45 a.m. on LaPlaya Street in the Outer Sunset area near Golden Gate Park. Before the surveillance video begins, the homeowner had opened his garage door to take his recycling to the curb, and upon returning to the garage, was charged and attacked by an armed assailant.


After wrestling with the armed man for several minutes, the homeowner was able to get the gun away from his attacker and can be seen on the video pointing it at his attacker as he runs off.

“The victim was lucky — you don’t usually see an outcome like that,” said Officer Carlos Manfredi, a police spokesman. According to Manfredi, “the gun had no bullets, or no magazine was attached.”

This is an excellent video to show to gun grabbers who say those of us who choose to carry for self defense and to protect those around us are ‘paranoid’ and ‘live in fear’. I would imagine this homeowner would have been less fearful if he had been carrying at the moment he was attacked in his home.

California is infamous for their strict gun laws which some tout as a deterrent of crimes. Amanda Wilcox, the legislation and policy chair for the California Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence is one such person. “A record 11 bills were signed into law, including measures to keep guns out of dangerous hands and closing loopholes in California’s law prohibiting large capacity magazines,” Wilcox said. “The research shows that strong gun laws can keep people safe from gun violence.”


Meanwhile, the armed attacker shown in the surveillance video is still on the loose. “We don’t know why this victim was targeted, or if it was a crime of opportunity,” said Officer Manfredi. He describes the armed suspect seen on the video as a black male, older, with dreadlocks. “We want to make sure the assailant is taken off the streets. Even if he doesn’t have this gun, he may have another one.”

Anyone with possible information related to the assault is asked to call the San Francisco Police Department’s tip line at (415) 575-4444.

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