Heller Case Debate Delivers Unexpected Insight

On November 19, the National Constitution Center hosted a debate at the Chicago Cultural Center. The evening’s debate topic? The ruling on the 2008 District of Columbia vs. Heller case.

The debaters of the Heller case were Professor Carl T. Bogus of Roger Williams University of Law in Rhode Island and Professor Michael O’Shea of Oklahoma City University School of Law. Both are highly accomplished men, extremely knowledgeable of both the case and the Second Amendment.

Jeffrey Rosen, the evening’s moderator and President/CEO of the National Constitution Center, kicked off the debate on a positive note. “The bringing together of these scholars with different philosophical perspectives for a civil debate that is not about policy matters, but constitutional matters,” he said.

While Bogus may have been the night’s winner, overall the debate fell short. The bigger picture came into view for me after reading a single comment from one man in response to his view of the event.

The Columbia Chronicle reported that the attendee, an architect named Ryan Dick, says he ‘came in with an open mind but wished there was more relevance in today’s time with the issue’.

“I was really appreciative to hear both sides,” Dick said. “I wish it had also gone into some application to today as well, though I guess that’s a little bit different than what the National Constitution Center stands for. But that’s something that could’ve changed my mind more, perhaps.”

I agree.

This was the perfect opportunity for O’Shea to show how the Second Amendment is just as necessary, valid, and essential in 2015 and beyond as it was in 1776 and before. This is where we are failing to effectively shut down the anti-gun movement’s talking points.

While they love to talk about how the Amendment is “outdated” and pervert the forefather’s intended definition of the word ‘militia’, we need to put our counter points into today’s headlines and current political landscape. Our Constitution was written as a timeless document designed to protect our God-given rights for all Americans throughout our country’s existence. Our pro-gun arguments need to tie in how the Second Amendment is just as much of a necessity to us now than it was when it was drafted.

Maybe even more so.

So while we need to continue showing gun grabbers how guns do save lives everyday, challenging them to imagine being left defenseless like Carol Bowne, and demonstrating how we are carrying responsibly for self defense and the protection of those around us, we also need to remind them how quickly our country would deteriorate without the Second Amendment in place to keep the government in check.

I can think of quite a few outspoken individuals who would squeal with delight at the thought of an American Kristallnacht against gun owners, Christians, and traditional Libertarians nationwide. This is one lady who will continue to speak out in defense of all American’s gun rights to ensure they never get the chance.

“An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.”
-Robert A. Heinlein