Yet Another Everytown PSA With Celebs Pushing Gun Control

“Never let a tragedy go to waste” must be the motto of Everytown for Gun Control Safety.

Beating the San Bernardino terrorist attacks like a dead horse and tying it into the shooting at Sandy Hook, the gun control group sinks to new lows by releasing it’s latest public safety announcement just days before the anniversary of the Newtown, CT tragedy.


Not sure why anyone cares what a bunch of elitist people who make their living off regurgitating other people’s scripts think, but here it is:

The PSA, called ‘We Can End Gun Violence’, features public safety officers and Second Amendment experts such as Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, Nathan Lane, Debra Messing, Kevin Bacon, Michael J. Fox, Olivia Munn, Sofia Vergara, Julianne Moore, and Jennifer Aniston.

Ignoring the fact that the San Bernardino attacks were committed by muslim terrorists in a gun free building, these celebrities are putting their fame to good use by telling people that the only solution to ending gun violence in the real world is for everyone to only use guns to make a living or to get laughs.

Wait, is that the message they’re sending?

Maybe it’s that they want more people to become defenseless victims. They must think that if we would all just get rid of our legal guns and punish ourselves for being good law-abiding citizens carrying for self defense and the protection of others, that all the bad guys that don’t follow the laws now will see the light and become fine upstanding people.

That makes sense, right?

Maybe what they’re trying to say is that they’re hypocrites just like rest of the gun-grabbing monsters like Shannon Watts, who preach to others about ridding the world of guns while protected by armed body guards.

Maybe they’re just idiots who fail to see the reality of living outside their gated communities or high rise apartments. It could be any or all of these things, but in any case: they deserve to be called out for the ignorant, unconstitutional, propaganda-spewing hypocrites that they are.


Before these Hollywood parrots take to their webcams to lecture anyone on what to do about gun violence, I’d like to suggest they read from a little script called the US Constitution, specifically the Second Amendment. They could also research stories of people like Carol Bowne before they attempt to libspeak to those of us who know that carrying for self defense is owning our personal safety, and right we are proud own.

Maybe we should make a “Not One More” PSA of our own? Not one more mass shooting in a gun-free zone. Not one more victim cowering defenseless against an armed attacker. Not one more politician stripping us of our right to keep and bear arms. Not one more missed opportunity for an armed citizen to stop an active shooter.




*this PSA is brought to you free of charge, without a script, and does not feature hypocrites

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