Rethinking Your EDC

It’s a good question: how often do you rethink your EDC?

I never thought I’d change mine. The first and only every-day carry gun I had shot, owned, and consistently carry is my Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in a 9MM. To say I love ‘Sheila’ is a gross understatement. She’s my baby and although I always want to buy other guns, I never thought of carrying anything else on a daily basis.


Until Industry Day at the Range at SHOT Show.

What is the gun that could replace my sweet Sheila, you ask? Well, I shot a lot of great handguns; the Sig Sauer 1911, STI’s DVC 3-gun, and the Ruger All-American. All good guns, I don’t have a bad thing to say about any of them.

Then I shot the Walther CCP.

This 9MM is a beauty! I could not miss. No, literally: I picked up this gun and could not miss the target. I ran two magazines through it and consistently hit the target at the back of the lane every. single. shot.


This got me thinking: would I have ever reconsidered my EDC if I hadn’t had this opportunity? I had seen a Walther P22 at my local gun store that I liked the feel of, but I had never had the opportunity to shoot one. Also, once I had my Shield and was practiced with it, I guess I felt pretty locked in with it.

So how often do you rethink your every-day carry?


I guess it was an eye-opening experience for me and one that needs to be pointed out, maybe especially for new female gun owners. You don’t have to be locked into the first gun you are comfortable with and buy. It’s okay to keep your eye out for new handguns and even more so, we should do so consistently.


As for me? I’m going to be looking for a Walther CCP.

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