Cleveland Gas Station Security Guard Stops Gunman

At approximately 2:40AM, February 20, 2016 in the 3900 block of West 117th St., a security guard for the Gas USA station added his name to the thick gray line.

A customer of the gas station said a group of people were “acting crazy” in the parking lot. When the security guard approached the group, he witnessed a 23-year-old man holding a gun and shooting at a car driving past the station.

Although the guard ordered the man to drop the gun and get on the ground, the shooter then turned the gun on him. The guard quickly stopped the shooter by firing his own weapon, shooting him in the shoulder, leg and wrist, police said.

Incidentally, police confirmed the gun the 23-year-old man used was stolen from Middleburg Heights. The gunman is expected to live and was arrested at MetroHealth Medical Center on suspicion of felonious assault, possessing a stolen gun and possessing a gun with a felony record. Aside from the gunman, no other injuries were sustained in the incident.

Last year, Cleveland suffered a 90 percent jump in homicides.

I wonder if the gunman was unaware of the many laws he was breaking. We should probably make more gun laws. He’ll have plenty of time to read them while he’s incarcerated.