Woman Shoots Stalker in Neck, Buttocks

When John Ganobick began stalking one Kentucky woman in a mall parking lot, he probably wasn’t expecting her to fight back.

Ganobick followed the woman into a shopping mall elevator, then into the parking garage. Surveillance video from mall security shows the two never looked at each other in the elevator, but the woman told Louisville Metro Police that she knew she was being stalked.


‘When the elevator opened on the sixth floor, the victim states she began to run to her vehicle, which was parked about 10 spots away from the elevator. The victim stated the suspect gave chase,’ the police report states.

She ran to her car where Ganobick pushed in behind her. He held her at knifepoint and screamed at her to give him all of her money while smashing her head into an unknown object. The victim stated Ganobick repeatedly used his knee to force her into the passenger seat, fearing for her life, she pulled out the great equalizer.

‘The victim stated she was afraid that she would be raped or murdered and as she fell across the passenger seat of her vehicle, she was able to reach into her purse and grab her gun and attempt to fire a shot at the suspect,’ the report states.

The woman pulled a Beretta handgun out of her purse and began to squeeze the trigger. She states the gun did not fire at first, so she continued to pull the trigger until it did, finally shooting Ganobick in the neck, but that didn’t stop him.


‘The victim described being afraid that the suspect was turning to come back at her and she kept pulling and struck the suspect in the buttocks,’ states the police report.

The woman had a valid Indiana concealed carry permit for her gun and Ganobick is charged with with attempted murder, kidnapping and criminal mischief.

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