Young Woman Pulls Gun, Saves Herself From Three Men


One young woman ‬‬‬‬showed three men that her daddy didn’t raise no dummy!

The 22 year old was shopping at a northwest Oklahoma City Dollar Tree store and noticed three men watching her. After exiting the store, the woman knew she was being followed as the men continued to trail her all the way to her car.


One of the men asked if she would go with them and she refused. He then commanded her to turn over her purse, but she had other plans. Having a former police officer for a father and a concealed carry permit, the woman drew her gun from that purse to take control of the situation.

Her quick thinking and strong actions sent the three men fleeing to their vehicle and the woman called police to report the incident.

Her father, Bradd Brown, says he raised his daughter around guns and gun safety, and was proud that his daughter knew what to do when confronted with a potentially dangerous situation. “The main thing I tried to instill with her through the years was just be real aware of your surroundings,” he said.

“We really don’t know exactly what his intentions were but she really had no choice but to show that firearm at that time and it worked and he backed off. She got away safe and that’s really what we were concerned about,” says her father.

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