Man Walking With Online Hookup Fatally Shoots Armed Robber


Late Friday night in Chattanooga, TN, 30 year old Joshua Smith decided he was not about to become a statistic.

Smith was walking a woman he agreed to meet up with online to her duplex on Hamill Road just before midnight when 19 year old Steven Hurston came out from the side of the woman’s home and approached them. Hurston was pointing a gun at Smith when he demanded his money.


That’s called armed robbery, kids.

Smith decided not to give the 19 year old his wallet, watch or his woman. Instead, he gave him a bullet from his own gun.

The 30 year old man stayed on the scene and called police.

When authorities arrived, Hurston was pronounced dead at the scene. Police are investigating the incident.

While some news outlets chose to use their journalistic drive to plow into Smith’s background, I’m more interested in what the 19 year old kid who pulled a gun on two grown ups has been up to. Chattanooga Police say a local couple has been enticing strangers for sex on websites like Craigslist and Backpage.

“These two individuals were described as a Black male in his 20s, and a White female in her 20s, and they follow the same MO. The female was contacted by way of social media and the victim met with a female at a certain location and after arriving at the location, the Black male came out from around a car or building and robbed the victim,” said Chattanooga Assistant Police Chief Tracy Arnold.


“Hopefully this will get out to the public, and they will see that this is a dangerous game to play and there are consequences that go along with it,” said Arnold.


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