Gawker Gun-Shames Seniors Buying Guns for Protection

Have you seen this hot mess from Gawker?

On Tuesday, Hamilton Nolan published a piece titled, “Guns Won’t Protect You, Old People, You’re Too Old And Weak“.



We live in scary times: sharia law, foreigners, and rape gangs haunt the streets of this once great nation. Some old people believe that they must arm themselves in order to find peace and safety.

Wrong. Old people. Wrong. Want to find safety? Can you even “find [the] safety” on the handgun you’ve purchased? Probably not very quickly, with your poor eyesight and fingers ravaged by arthritis.

In just the last five years, more old people are buying guns, training with guns, and cupping their hands over their ears to try to hear whether the instructor at their gun safety course said “Shoot” or “Stop.” In this day and age when you have Obama, ISIS, and Chief Keef, you—an elderly American—are thinking seriously about getting yourself a gun, for protection.

Might as well get yourself a dragon, or a unicorn trained to be your bodyguard. That would help you just as much.

When you’re old you’re slow as hell and decades of muscle erosion have made you weak. Pretty much any healthy young person can beat you up. Is a gun gonna even things out? Nope. In order for that gun to work you have to pull it out and aim it in a moment of crisis. While you’re fumbling to do that, all slow, a young person is just pushing you on the ground. And taking your gun out of your feeble hands.

Leave the guns to the young nuts, oldie.


Wow. They’re pretty tolerant of others’ Second Amendment rights, aren’t they?

The fact that older citizens are, indeed slower and weaker, makes the case for why they should absolutely be purchasing and training with firearms for their protection.

We share stories all the time of people of a certain age pulling a gun and successfully defending themselves, why would Gawker want to limit their options of self defense? This piece incredibly insensitive and discriminatory, also quite ignorant to the fact that people over 40 (and 50, and 60, and 70) are actively using guns to defend their lives.

Maybe they’re channeling their inner Alan Grayson.

Gawker’s assertion that older gun owners’ “reflexes are faded as hell so you might as well just learn to get along with people” is not only rude, it’s yet another example of how progressives are trying to bully gun owners into excepting their beliefs while dismissing ours.

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