Iowa Governor Signs Suppressor Legislation Into Law


It’s official! Iowa Governor Terry Branstad has signed a bill that legalizes the sale, use and possession of technology that will protect gun owners’ hearing.


“The good people of Iowa were not misled by the lies out-of-state gun control groups were spreading in Iowa,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action. “This law will make it easier for Iowa’s gun owners to protect their hearing with the proven technology of firearm suppressors.  Suppressors also reduce noise complaints at ranges. People in the shooting sports take safety seriously and want to be good neighbors.”

When the bill was passed in the House and Senate, the Governor hinted at his support, saying it “will not only save people from hearing loss, but also could create some jobs in Iowa.”

“Time and again we’ve seen the Bloomberg-funded gun control groups try to push their extreme political agenda on America’s law-abiding gun owners,” concluded Cox. “But, they have neither the facts nor the American people on their side.”

To celebrate the success of HF 2279, theAmerican Suppressor Association will host a public suppressor shoot on April 16 at the Big Springs Shooting Complex in Searsboro. The event should see a huge turnout in the Hawkeye state, with ASA providing free admission and ammunition.

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