17-year-old Son Fatally Shoots Sex Offender Attacking his Dad


A 17-year-old Henderson, KY man may have saved his father’s life when he shot a man attacking him on their front lawn of their home early Sunday morning.

Police were called at 1:45AM to 197 Massey Lane following a 911 call reporting a shooting at the residence. When a Sheriff’s Deputy and Kentucky State Police Trooper arrived, they found Kevin S. Marrett, 41, lying dead from apparent gunshot wounds in the yard off the residence’s front porch.

The homeowner alleged Marrett, who is a registered sex offender on supervised release after being convicted of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old, began attacking him with a wood saw. At some point during the assault on his father, the homeowner’s son grabbed a gun and shot Marrett, ending the attack on his father and killing the 41-year-old.

Authorities say they are continuing their investigation of the incident, but no charges have been filed against the teen at this time.

Nice shootin, kid! Looks like this dad’s teaching not only empowered his son, but saved his life as well.