Backseat Driver: Man Shoots his Kidnappers in Front Seat

We’re learning more about a bizarre story out of Henderson, NV, that sounds more like a plot straight out of a Liam Neeson movie than a random incident in a subdivision in the Silver State.


When a man was kidnapped and stuffed into a backseat by two individuals in Nevada this week, they didn’t know he was equipped to shift their plan into park. Permanently.

After taking the man from his home, the kidnappers showed him they already had one of his store employees zip-tied in the backseat of their Nissan Altima. That’s when the man, who is reportedly a jeweler, then entered the car to appease the kidnappers. What they didn’t realize is that the man they were putting into the seat behind them had a concealed weapon.

During the car ride, as the men drove their hostages through a subdivision in Henderson, the man shot his kidnappers from the back seat, killing them both. Without a driver, the car veered off the road and crashed into a home, bursting into flames.


The homeowner said she was in her kitchen when the kidnappers’ car hit a car parked on the street before it crashed into her home. The woman said she heard “four loud booms”, then rushed outside to see the car on fire.

After neighbors came and put out the flames, they realized there were two dead people in the front seats.

Police sources told News 3 they believe the incident may have been a robbery involving the kidnapping of a jeweler and confirmed the man who fired the gun was kidnapped from his home.

The kidnapped men in the backseat received only minor injuries. Police say they are investigating the two men who died inside the car and no arrests have been made.

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