Collegeville Homeowner Schools 16-year-old Burglar


For coming from Collegeville, this kid apparently never learned that spending his time honing his craft as a burglar would have been better spent in school.


A man returned to his residence in the 2900 block of 33rd Way North in the Collegeville community, just north of Birmingham, Alabama around 12:30 on Saturday afternoon to find his home in the process of being burglarized.

Birmingham police Sgt. Bryan Shelton said after encountering a burglar in his home, the homeowner drew his gun and fired several shots at the intruder standing in his home, hitting him at least once.

The 16-year-old thief was transported to UAB Hospital with non-life threatening injuries and the teenage boy is expected to recover.

Investigators found the homeowner’s property on the ground in such a fashion that they believe the homeowner disturbed the thief who was in the progress of burglarizing his home.

This case remains under investigation.

I wonder what Obama and his crack team of hip-hop artists that met at the White House this weekend would say about this young man? Maybe he never got to play Connect 4 with the president and that’s why he felt the need to break into someone else’s home and steal their property.

Maybe somebody needed a hug.

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