San Angelo Police to Gun Owners: Lock 'em Up!


One Texas Police Department is warning citizens and asking for gun owners’ help to end a disturbing trend they’re seeing on the streets of San Angelo.

Officers say guns are being stolen from vehicles at an alarming rate. Often times, without much effort on the part of the thieves.

A news release from the department states:

Although most gun owners are responsible, the decision to leave a gun in your vehicle can have major consequences. Stolen guns are often sold and traded for drugs or worse – used in robberies or other violent crimes.
Since January 2016, forty-five guns have been reported stolen from vehicles and in most cases, there was no forced entry.
That’s forty-five guns in the hands of criminals.
Our Officers want to remind citizens that gun safety isn’t just how you handle the weapon, it’s also how you store it. Removing guns from vehicles entirely or securing them safely in a trunk or lock box can help prevent your firearms from ending up in the wrong hands.

Stolen guns are sold on the black market or exchanged for drugs and frequently used in crimes.

The San Angelo Texas Police Department, who called the trend “a threat to public safety,” is asking for the community’s help to end the trend of vehicle gun robberies and to promote responsible gun ownership for a safer community.

Because you know stolen guns aren’t being sold using a 4473.