Gun Stencils Unveils Chris Kyle Commemorative Rifle


This one is sure to become a classic!, who offers quality gun stencils that allow users to truly customize rifles, pistols, shotguns, airguns, paintball guns and more, is now showcasing a Chris Kyle commemorative rifle one of their talented customers designed and built.


Jonathan D. used his 16 years of experience in automobile refinishing and painting to create this unique piece. He wrote, “Thank you for the stencils. My rifle came out amazing. After seeing American Sniper I wanted to have a Punisher themed rifle and I’m proud to say everything on it, from the bipod to the muzzle brake, was made 100% here in the USA! It’s a Remington 700 .300 Win Mag. Sorry for the kitchen floor pictures!”

Bill Rhodes, Vice President of Sales as, was thrilled to see the end results. He stated, “We love seeing how our gun stencils are used by our customers. We also appreciate all of those kitchen floor images…it’s even better when we can see your feet at the bottom of the picture!” He went on to say “Jonathan did an outstanding job on this project. We’re proud to have him as a loyal customer.”

This is really cool!



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