Chicago Protest: "Renounce violence | Reject guns"


Okay, I don’t care who you are, this is funny!

Evil guns may have finally met their match this weekend. A group picketing outside the 5 Star Firearms store in Zion, Illinois on Saturday drew protest numbers worthy of a Moms Demand protest.

Lake County News-Sun had the scoop:

Holding a “Renounce violence. Reject guns” sign, Lee Goodman stood outside the 5 Star Firearms store in Zion Saturday to call attention to gun violence.

The Northbrook activist, and organizer of the Peaceful Communities grass roots group, said the demonstration is a call for the gun industry to take responsibility for the shootings and deaths of thousands of Americans each year.

Goodman stood steady with signs on the corner of Sheridan Road, just feet away from the parking lot of the gun retail store with three banners promoting guns and ammunition.

While some passersby honked horns, others shouted obscenities.

One man stopped a pickup truck next to Goodman to say, “You know you’re not gonna make a difference, right? Stop wasting your time.”

Goodman was later joined by two others who also oppose guns in the hands of citizens.

“Too many people are being shot and killed, and the gun industry is making millions,” Goodman said, “We need to speak up and say the industry should be held accountable.”

Inside the store, employees assisted customers.

Wadsworth resident Albert Clark said he doesn’t understand why people blame guns for violence.

“A gun is a tool. The person using the tool should be held accountable for what they do with it,” Clark said.

Clark said people have the right to have guns, but said there is a problem with gun violence.

Clinton Hartford, of Kenosha, Wis., believes gun owners need to be educated and take responsibility for their actions.

Hartford, director of operations at the Zion 5 Star Firearms, said those who own firearms should always secure them in a safe place where others can’t get to them.

“We do everything by the book here and follow the law,” Hartford said. “If someone is irresponsible outside of that, they should be punished accordingly. If you plow into someone with your car, should the car industry be blamed for that?”

Hartford said everyone needs to learn about gun safety and storage instead of “passing the buck” to the gun retailers.

But Goodman believes the gun industry should be held responsible for gun crime.