Talk to Your Kids About Gun Safety TODAY


There is absolutely no reason any child should not know the answers to these questions:

“Can I touch the gun?”
“Can I play with a gun if it looks like a toy?”
“What do I do if I see a gun at my friend’s house?”


Even if kids aren’t asking about gun safety, that doesn’t mean they don’t have questions about guns.

It’s the children who know nothing about gun safety that feel the need to test their curiosity if they ever come in contact with a real gun.

So why would any parent not want to equip their child with vital information they need before they need it?

Project ChildSafe has teamed up with Julie Golob, a veteran, competitive shooting sports champion, hunter and mom, to discuss the importance of gun safety education. She’s joined by a group of kids whose thoughts about firearms will help inform parents about the best way to start a conversation.

The result is an exclusive video to remind gun owners about the importance of having this conversation with their families.

Join us in a discussion about what to say, how to say it and the key elements to think about when speaking to your family about firearm safety.

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