Burglar Confronted by Armed Homeowner

A burglar in West Mobile, AL found out the hard way he had picked the wrong home to rob when he was confronted by its armed owner.

It happened Sunday night when Al Taylor says his family was startled by a noise coming from their garage.

When he came out they found the thief rummaging through his garage and all of their lawn equipment moved on the verge of being stolen.

That’s when Taylor grabbed his pistol and held the burglar up until police could get there.

“He was compliant with what I told him to do. But he was scared he was real scared,” said Taylor “He kept saying he didn’t move anything and I probably would have let him go if he didn’t just stop lying and then when I saw all my stuff pulled out and he was going to steal it, it kind of made me angry”

Oscar Lee Sims was arrested once police arrived to the home. He is being held in Metro Jail on one count of burglary.