Brady Campaign Beclowns Again: Claims Criminals Follow Gun Laws


Criminals follow the law, right?

Wait, if they followed the law, they wouldn’t be criminals.

My head hurts.

Such is the ignorant video the Brady Campaign shot titled “Plan Your Perfect Getaway” featuring two ‘criminals’ promoting a website called to find out which states have the most criminal-friendly gun laws for their next excursion.


Because criminals follow laws, right?

The Brady Campaign goes on to make a myriad of intentional ignorant gun control lies, but since their comments are (predictably) closed on this video, we can’t fight them one-by-one to correct their zombie gun control lies that just won’t die. is a criminal’s best shot at a getting a gun… no matter who you are or what you’ve done. Check out this video to see the states most friendly to criminals because of their loose gun laws that make it easy for criminals to buy, carry, or even traffic guns. Visit

Maybe this Hartford, CT criminal failed to use the Brady Campaign’s, or perhaps these stolen guns in California will be melted down by the “good guys” who stole them and made into playground equipment in impoverished neighborhoods… cuz that’s what criminals do.

(according to the Brady Campaign, of course)

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